Pop up Gallery at 34 Leys Avenue

To celebrate a Vision of Utopia, we ran a free programme of events and art activities at our weekend pop up gallery at 34 Leys Avenue. The programme featured a group of local artists who worked  with Letchworth residents in a variety of rich artforms to explore Letchworth’s unique vision.  

John Vincent
Letchworth: A Dystopian Vision
For A  Dystopian Vision, John invited visitors to become the ‘ghosts’ of a dystopian tomorrow in a darkly humorous interpretation of the exhibition concept reimagined as ‘Letchworth: A Dystopian Vision.’ Members of the public were ‘auditioned’ as the new inhabitants of the town and collaborated with John in creating his short film,  which was premiered at the A Vision of Utopia celebration event. Dystopian Vision turned the exhibitions premise of Garden City as Utopian ideal on its head by visiting a parallel world where climate change and neglect has transformed Letchworth in to a ruin on an island. The film was largely inspired by the Statue of Liberty scene in the original ‘Planet of the Apes’. The cast were selected from local residents and visitors to Letchworth, filmed against a green screen on March 29th 2014 and placed amongst ‘Dystopianised’ landmarks of the Garden City.

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Sarah Bellisario
Utopian Memory Book
For Sarah’s piece particpants were invited to collage, paint, and draw thoughts and memories of the Garden City, binding together Letchworth’s past in a single utopian vision set down in the Letchworth Memory Book.  Each page of the volume was crafted from copies of Garden City texts, weaving together the memories of today with the vision of the town’s Letchworth Pioneers.
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Miriam Fraser 
A Room with a Utopian View? 
Using camera obscura, Miriam invited visitors to see Letchworth ‘turned on its head’. The camera obscura focused on the shops below as Miriam sketched out the moving images of the ever-changing Garden City, whilst being reminded of the original utopian view by a succession of projected images. Responding to a familiar scene that has been altered, participants reconnected with the Garden City wih refreshed eyes at the town, and in so doing questioned whether Letchworth is still a vision of utopia. Participants could then capture the fleeting moving images on paper documenting the changing urban landscape.
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Jane Glynn
Letchworth: Lost, Found, Imagined 
Lost, Found, Imagined, invited visitors to document their memories and hopes for the future of Letchworth Garden City. Each book bound together the lives of Letchworth residents documenting the changes they have seen and telling the stories of the ‘ordinary Letchworth citizen’. These books were carefully placed by the artists in towers of memories, bonding together our thoughts, memories and desires in to a shared installation. 
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Ben Phe - Saturday 26 April, 10:30 to 14:30
FREE - Just turn up
For ages 11+
The Risograph and a new vision of the Garden City 
A retro blast from the past, Ben will be using a risograph, better known for its school poster making abilities, to take old postcards of Letchworth and layer them with new illustrations.  Participants will work with Ben to illustrate a new vision of the Garden City, creating a fresh twist on iconic Letchworth images. 
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