Governor Elections

Update - 1 October

Results of our Elected Governor elections

Six people from diverse backgrounds have been elected to be Governors of Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation.

William Armitage, Alison Basford, Anthony Burrows, John Hillson, John Barry and Celia Saunders were elected in a poll of 14,292 people to become Elected Governors.

Foundation Chairman Colin Chatfield, himself a volunteer trustee, said: “We warmly welcome our six new Elected Governors and look forward to their contribution in shaping the Heritage Foundation’s work on behalf of the communities across Letchworth.”

Direct elections were conducted by the Electoral Reform Society, with 2,642 votes cast of which 31 were found to be invalid. Voting took place by post, text, telephone and online.

Elected Governors help shape the way the Foundation stewards the Garden City estate to make Letchworth a stimulating place to live and work.

They play a vital role in representing the views of the town and its diverse communities, and influencing the Foundation’s work, which covers everything from operating a minibus service, to the Ernest Gardiner Treatment Centre, Broadway Cinema and Standalone Farm all funded by the Foundation. It protects the look of the town, helping to make green spaces beautiful, gives out grants and looks after the archive of Letchworth as the world’s first Garden City.