Five Year Plan

Five Year Plan

Our Five Year Plan sets out the work we will do from 2016-2020 and how we will fulfil our charitable commitments.  It also outlines how we will provide even greater benefits with projects to ensure the town remains a vibrant place to live and visit, and support the social fabric of the Garden City.

The plan is accompanied by an Annual Action Plan which gives more detail about the specific projects our teams will be working on in the year ahead. 

You can read the plan here or you can pick up a copy from the following venues:

  • Broadway Cinema
  • Community Hub
  • Ernest Gardiner Treatment Centre
  • Garden Cities Exhibition  
  • Standalone Farm
  • Tourist and Information Centre

How it was brought together

We held workshops with our Governors to discuss what we should focus on. From these, three themes emerged focusing on how we can: 

  1. Recognise and celebrate our unique status as the world’s first Garden City.
  2. Deliver activities to ensure Letchworth Garden City remains a vibrant place to live and visit.
  3. Support the social fabric of the Garden City.

Our Governors had plenty of ideas about what we can do to celebrate our Garden City and make our town even more special. We then held workshops with our staff before going out to the community to ask them how we could deliver these strands in an interesting and creative way. 

We held eight sessions at our Community Hub and ran an online questionnaire where people shared their ideas.  In the weeks that followed we went through the comments in more detail.  This was the first time we had involved the community with shaping our Five Year Plan so it was reassuring to see that many of the topics mentioned had already been captured. There were also some new suggestions which have been reflected in the plan. 

Find out more about the themes in our plan