Minibus Service

Our small fleet of minibuses help Letchworth residents to attend lunch clubs and group meetings. We also drive residents further a field for things like day trips, normally part of a grant we have awarded. Around 40 groups regularly use our door-to-door transport each year.

The service is extremely popular, with the minibuses covering approximately nineteen thousand miles and carrying ten thousand passengers every year. Our minibuses are corporately branded vehicles and seat either 8,14,or 16 passengers with a rear tail-lift for the provision of wheelchairs.

No costs are incurred for the use of this service, providing that the destination and all stops are within the Garden City Estate. All the funding for this service is provided as part of the our commitment to, ‘provide or assist in the provision of facilities for the recreation or other leisure activity of the local community in the interests of social welfare with the object of improving their life conditions’.

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