Our Objectives

Proactively Managing Assets and Income

Charitable activities are underpinned by the income generated from our commercial assets. Value is predominantly created from our property portfolio and therefore the sucessful management of this portfolio is critical to our success.

Organisational Efficiencies

It is important that our business activities are undertaken efficiently to maximise the effectiveness of our projects and activities, for the benefit of the Garden City communities. We are therefore always considering any opportunities for change and improvement to meet our operational demands so that we can improve our margins in order to release a greater surplus of funds to support our charitable commitments.

Building Positive Relationships with Communities

Letchworth Garden City is proud of its diverse communities and the opportunities the town provides for its residents, businesses and visitors. We have a big part to play in supporting these communities and it is therefore important that the ambitions and desires of these communities shapes our approach to supporting, funding and promoting charitable commitments.

Contributing to the maintenance and enhancement of the physical, economic and social environment of Letchworth Garden City

This objective is driven by our commitment to sustainability. This is about helping to maintain and enhance the town to ensure that its success continues for the long term. This can be achieved through the positive and environmentally sensitive management of the Garden City Estate, combined with investment in our charitable commitments to support the town’s social and economic infrastructure.