Our Sustainability

Sustainability is an issue of huge importance; locally, nationally and globally. Letchworth Garden City has an exciting opportunity to become a positive example in terms of delivering a successful strategy.

We are passionate about our role as a co-ordinator of this strategy, bringing together key partners, local interest groups and the community as a whole to join the discussion about sustainability.

We have facilitated the setting up of Sustainable Letchworth, which includes local groups covering both sustainability and heritage, as well as local experts. If you wish to be part of Sustainable Letchworth, email forum@sustainableletchworth.org.uk

Following the launch of Sustainable Letchworth in October 2014, it was clear that energy was one of the key areas of concern. We have therefore commissioned an independent report by Parsons Brinckerhoff, which is an initial Strategic Energy Study.

As an organisation, we also have our own Sustainability Action Plan, setting our aims and aspirations for the next year.

As we begin implementing the strategy we want to hear from you, we want to ensure our priorities have the support of the community and are meeting your expectations.


We are delighted to be working with the Building Research Establishment on our Eco Home project.
This project is seeking to understand perceptions of energy efficiency in the local community and will include alterations to an early Garden City home, with a range of energy efficiency measures.

The house will be opened to the public and there will be an opportunity to see what options are available for owners and tenants of this type of property.

The house will then be occupied and we will be measuring the energy performance of the house for a year,  comparing this to similar properties, which have not been subject to these improvements.  These results will then be published.
North Herts College will be involved in the project to ensure that their students can learn from this exercise and improve knowledge in this important and emerging area of building technologies.  Howard Cottage and Affinity Sutton will also be part of a series of partners, actively assisting and supporting the project.
The project does not solely relate to the house itself, as we will also be working with the Royal Horticultural Society, as part of our community gardening project, to design an affordable garden, which encourages more sustainable living and bio-diversity, include growing food for the residents of the property.
More information on the project will be available shortly.

Energy Efficiency for Homeowners

We have also produced a guide for residents, aiming to improve the energy efficiency of their homes.