Our Values and Principles

Our Values

Our values underpin the way we work together as well as with our Partners and Customers.

These values represent our approach of being professional, listening, appreciative and team working.

Working successfully with us requires commitment, honesty and enthusiasm, to deliver successful outcomes for the Trustees, Governors, Partners, Customers, and above all for the people of Letchworth Garden City.

Our Principles

The principles we apply in taking forward our activities and projects are:

Commitment to sustainability – we will seek to limit our impact on the physical environment whilst ensuring that the social and economic infrastructure of Letchworth Garden City can support the successful development of the town’s diverse communities.

Positive, pioneering approach – we aim to continue the spirit of the Garden City Movement in all that we support, fund and promote for the continuing development of the town to enhance the quality of life for our communities.

Dedication to open communication – we will ensure that internal and external communication is managed successfully to provide clear information and explanations regarding our projects and activities to our Colleagues, Trustees, Governors, Partners, Customers and wider communities. We will also listen and share ideas and knowledge to ensure our work reflects the aims of the town.

Recognition of Letchworth’s significance as the world’s first Garden City – we will promote the success of the Garden City development model as a modern day framework to support the expansion, regeneration and development of towns and cities across the globe.