Altering your Home

Letchworth Garden City has a special place in the history of town planning as the world’s first Garden City. Established in 1903, it is based on the theories of Ebenezer Howard in his book ‘Garden Cities of Tomorrow’, which outlined how new, ideal communities could be created by combining the best of town and country. Houses were constructed to harmonise with each other and architectural features were designed to add visual interest and variety.

The information in this section provides detailed advice to property owners in Letchworth Garden City about making external changes to Garden City properties, and the requirement to apply to us for consent.

We operate the ‘Scheme of Management’ as Freeholders of the Garden City Estate, and are committed to working with residents to preserve the appearance and character of Letchworth Garden City.

Here you’ll find information on property maintenance, alterations and extensions, to help ensure any changes to your Garden City property is in harmony with its original design and character.

Many leasehold properties also have Covenants under which our consent for works is required too.

This requirement is separate from the need for permission from North Hertfordshire District Council under planning legislation. Visit the Planning Portal on North Hertfordshire District Council’s website for more details about Planning Permission.