What would Sappho say?

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That’s a good question – and one that has not a few people around Letchworth scratching their heads this week, as little slips containing that phrase and nothing more have started to appear on notice boards across the city.

what would sappho say

On Twitter, the equally tantalising hashtag #WhatWouldSapphoSay has also been appearing.

Is it a drama? Is it a competition? Is it something to do with the Letchworth Festival? Or is it something else entirely?

Those who know their local history will be aware that Letchworth has long been associated to Sappho, courtesy of a much-loved statue that was donated to the city in the first years of its existence and whose modern incarnation, after much journeying, can now be found in Howard Gardens.

Rumour has it that all will be revealed next week.

Meanwhile, if you’d like to be first in line for an answer, check out Letchworth Gender Equality Network on Facebook – or drop Jane Fae a line on jane@ozimek.co.uk