Design Principles

In line with the Scheme of Management, many homeowners require our consent when making external changes to their home. We publish guidance documents to support homeowners with this process, providing advice on everything from doors and windows, to extensions and chimneys helping homeowners to design exterior changes that maintain the special character of Letchworth Garden City.

Last updated in 2009, our guidance has recently undergone an extensive review. Taking on board feedback from residents, architects and the ongoing experience of our Heritage Advisory Team, we have made changes to simplify the guidance.

The Design Principles split homes in the town into two categories, known as Character Areas. These Character Areas are:

This is simplified from the previous Design Standards which split properties into three areas. Any application to make external changes to your home will be considered against the Principles relevant for your property.

Click here to find which Character Area your home is in. Please note this look-up facility is a beta version only – if you have difficulty finding your Character Area, please call our Heritage Advisory Team on 01462 476017.

The Design Principles allow consideration of the specific context of each individual home.

In addition for the first time, Design Principles have been published for the creation of new developments and a list of Homes of Special Interest identified. These homes are considered to be of significant historic and architectural merit and as such the Design Principles may be applied differently to ensure changes preserve their special character. Click here for more information and the full list of Homes of Special Interest.

In every case, we always recommend that you contact the team when considering changes to your home. We can offer free advice from the very start, helping you to achieve the changes you desire, whilst maintaining the special character of the world’s first Garden City.

Contact our Heritage Advisory Team on:
Tel: 01462 476017