Quick Facts

Letchworth is the world’s first Garden City.

Designed to combine the best of town and country, Ebenezer Howard’s Garden City concept for Letchworth included beautiful tree-lined streets and vast green open spaces - most of which remain today.

The Letchworth Garden City Estate covers over 5,500 acres.

Letchworth is home to the UKs first roundabout; that you’ll find at the junction of the Broadway, Sollershott and Spring Road - originally named ‘Sollershott Circus’.

The population of the town is 33,249 (ONS Census, 2011).

We’re twinned with Wissen, Germany; Chagney, France and Kristiansand, Norway (Letchworth Garden City Twinning Association, 2012).

There’s only one street in the whole of Letchworth Garden City; Cross Street, which formed part of the 1905 cottage exhibition.

There’s a 13.6 mile path that surrounds the town, named the Garden City Greenway.

The first wild British black squirrel was spotted in Letchworth in 1912 (The Telegraph, 2009).

There’s only one water source flowing through Letchworth Garden City, called Pix Brook.

There are 14 schools in Letchworth Garden City, teaching over 5,500 pupils.

Broadway Cinema, Letchworth Garden City’s picture house, has one of the largest cinema auditoriums in Britain - with 465 seats in Screen One.