Norton Pond Renovation

A New Lease of Life

Works are now underway to transform the appearance of Norton Pond and enhance the habitat for local wildlife.

The Norton Pond area will be familiar to local walkers one of the main access points to the Greenway, the 13 mile circuit around Letchworth.

We have commissioned local landscape specialists Maydencroft Limited to complete the works, with the view to maintain and improve the area for future wildlife to flourish.

An Exciting Discovery

Following an ecological study of the area last year, we were excited to learn that Norton Pond is a breeding ground for the great crested newt, a European Protected Species.

The great crested newt is the largest species of newt in the UK, but they have dwindled in numbers due to a lack of suitable habitats, making this development of Norton Pond crucial to their sustainability in Letchworth.

This discovery has led to Norton Pond being designated a European Protected site, which means that the works need to be carefully managed to make sure the ecosystem is maintained.

A Careful Process

To maintain the habitat for the newts during the breeding season, works will take place over two winters when the newts have moved from the pond. The work will also be overseen by an ecologist and archaeological consultant.

Once the work has been completed in early 2018, the pond will be further enhanced by planting locally sourced native aquatic plants on its banks. These will provide a rich egg-laying habitat for the great crested newt and provide a food source for invertebrates and other species.

Access to areas of the pond will be restricted at certain times to ensure we can complete them as soon as possible.

We’re looking forward to seeing Norton Pond become as vibrant a habitat as Willian Pond, which we renovated in 2015.

If you have any queries about this renovation, please email