Heritage Grants

Our Heritage Grants scheme reflects our commitment to preserve the character of Letchworth Garden City and are designed to enhance the view of the street scene from the public place and encourage homeowners to preserve the key characteristics of their properties.

The following grants are available for all homes within the Scheme of Management and across all Character areas. 

 The level of grant funding will vary based on the proposed works.

Heritage Grants

Designed to enhance the view of the street scene from the public place, these grants are available for all homes within the Scheme of Management and across all Character Areas.

  • Hardstanding removal – including the reinstatement of front gardens in accordance with an approved scheme.
  • Reinstatement of trees (in accordance with an approved planting scheme).
  • Re-rendering or painting of elevations visible from the public place, which do not presently conform with the original appearance.
  • Doors, windows and garage doors visible from the public place replaced with original materials and detailing.

Heritage Character Area

The following grants are only available for homes in the Heritage Character Area.

  • Roof tiles and thatching
  • Chimneys

To help you and explain our requirements for grants, we have produced a summary here - with guidance on the specification and quality of work that our Grants Committee and Heritage Advisory Team will be looking for when considering your application.


To apply for a Heritage Grant, please download and complete our application form. Printed copies of the form are also available from the Community Hub and Tourist Information Centre.To support your application and speed up the review process please include the following items with your application:

  • Two quotations detailing the costs of the proposed works or just one quotation for grants under £500
  • A photograph of your home identifying the changes you wish to be considered for a grant
  • Details / specifications of the proposed works

Grants will only be considered for works which already have approval under the Scheme of Management, where required. Grants will not be awarded for in progress or completed works and should be based on single specification and / or design for all quotes.  Please note, works should not commence until a grant offer is received in writing.

Assessment Criteria & Decisions

Each grant application will be assessed by the Heritage Advisory Team. The team will consider the impact of the proposed changes and how they may enhance the property, they will then prepare a report for the Grants Committee.

The Grants Committee will determine which applications are supported during their meetings. For Application deadlines and meeting dates please see When to Apply

Please note that an application cannot be considered unless all Heritage Foundation approvals, planning permission and listed building consent from the council has been granted.


You will be notified of the decision regarding your application within 7 days of the grants meeting. The grant will be paid after works are completed, inspected and approved.

Further Advice

If you have any questions or would like to discuss Heritage Grants please contact our Heritage Advisory Team on home@letchworth.com or 01462 476017