Q&A: Community Consultation – LG3

Links to countryside and Norton

You said: “There should be better footpath access to reduce car use”

We will fund improvements to Footpath 26 that runs from Green Lane along the north of the site and provides access to nearby bus stops from the site as well as to Norton. We are also investigating if we can upgrade the permissive path that runs alongside the eastern boundary of the site, providing better access to the countryside and Greenway.

Open space

You said:“Open space is a priority”

Part of the development will include open space, by retaining the important young tree planting on the edges of the land and by Open providing a new play area.

Building Scale

You said “No high rise”

The tallest buildings will be three storeys as there will be some apartments and these will be located away from the site boundaries. We have prepared a visual impact assessment to ensure that buildings will not spoil views of the site from the Green Belt and nearby residential areas.


You said: “Suitable car parking should be provided, no access from Kristiansand Way, additional traffic will cause congestion and pollution and we need to check traffic flows”

Car access will be solely from Flint Road and not from Kristiansand Way, Talbot Way or Hartington Place. We undertook a detailed survey of traffic in the surrounding area before the first lockdown last year and have provided this to Hertfordshire County Council as the body responsible for roads and transport. They will decide if any further improvements are needed.


You said: “Will the development expand on the adjoining land which will impact on archaeology?”

There is no intention to expand the development into adjoining land. We have undertaken extensive archaeological investigations on the proposed housing site, including trial trenching. We have agreed measures with the county archaeologist that should be taken before any development can proceed.


You said: “The existing allotments should not be affected and there should be limited access to the allotments from the new development”

The application will not impact on the existing allotments. As part of the development we will provide one locked pedestrian gate into the allotments, for use by allotment holders only. We will also provide additional planting on the boundary between the site and the allotments and make improvements to the facilities at this centre.

Affordable housing

You said: “Affordable housing is a priority”

Forty per cent of the housing will be for affordable housing, with NHDC nominating the residents for these properties.


You said: “Will there be an impact on local infrastructure, including schools?”

We have consulted Hertfordshire County Council about school provision, and they have agreed the level of financial contributions that should be made to support local schools to cover additional pupils from the development. We have also agreed to pay a series of financial contributions at the request of NHDC and the County Councils for local infrastructure in accordance with their requirements.

Impact of construction on residents

You said: “Will there be problems for nearby residents during the construction?”

If outline planning permission is granted, a Construction Management Plan will be formulated as part of detailed proposals. This will be checked by the council’s environmental health team to ensure that there will be no risk to nearby occupiers during building works.

If you have any further comments to add ahead of our planning application being submitted, please email consultation@letchworth.com before 5 February 2021.