Lockdown: How this impacts our venues

As we have now entered national lockdown, our venues remain closed. Please see our updates on social media for further information.

05 January 2021

Broadway Cinema & Theatre

Broadway Cinema will remain closed due to lockdown restrictions.

Please visit Broadway Cinema & Theatre website and social media for more information.

Broadway Studio & Gallery

Broadway Gallery will remain closed due to lockdown restrictions. 

Please visit Broadway Gallery website and social media for updates.

Museum at One Garden City

Museum at One Garden City is closed due to lockdown restrictions.

Please see social media for updates.  

Standalone Farm

We are now closed to allow us to carry out improvement works to the farm. The farm team are all busy working to ensure the animals are well cared for and the farm is maintained.

We will be reopening Spring 2021, see you then!

Please visit the Standalone Farm website and social media for more information.

Transport service 

Sadly, our community minibus service is no longer operating. 

Discover Letchworth

Discover Letchworth will not reopen, but the website will be updated with community events. Please visit the Discover Letchworth website for the latest news. 

Spirella Ballroom 

Spirella Ballroom will remain closed for the foreseeable future. 

Active Letchworth

Active Letchworth activities are now no longer delivered by the Foundation. We are looking into how this could be a community-led programme instead. 

Ernest Gardiner Treatment Centre

The Treatment Centre has been closed since March and sadly will not reopen. If you have previously used services at the Treatment Centre, you will now need to access services through your GP. 

We have been working with partners to find a way to keep some of these services running as part of wider health and wellbeing offer for the town. At this time, we haven't found a viable option, but we remain hopeful that our collaborations with health partners will come to fruition in 2021/22.