Development Plans - Transport

Your views on our Transport proposals

We've been busy having a conversation on our proposed land developments, including the largest sites to the north of the Grange Estate (LG1 site) and the east of Talbot Way and Kristiansands Way in Letchworth (LG3 site). 

Transport is a key topic when exploring land development proposals and we engaged with the community to discuss how best to meet this challenge. This included the following proposals:

  • Additional road access to the LG1 Land North of Letchworth, via Norton Road.
  • Access to the LG3 site, via the existing Flint Road.

The topic of transport involves many considerations.  Our transport Background Paper on Vehicular Access, provides further information by clicking on the button below. This paper aided further discussion during the consultation and we enjoyed hearing your views.

Transport Consultation Event

We held a dedicated Transport Surgery consultation event on 8 May at the Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation offices. Thank you to everyone who came along.

The Background Paper on Vehicular Access was available during all our consultation events to aid discussion.

We had experts on transport in our team available to answer your questions. We gained valuable feedback.

Our Transport Survey was made available online. This has now closed. A hard copy can be found here.  Thank you to everyone who fed back.

We welcomed your feedback via the following channels: