What’s it all about?

Up to £500 to develop the skills and talents of individuals, who are at least 12 years of age, or groups who live in Letchworth Garden City.

Be The Best will also support specific training needs to enable volunteers to develop skills that are relevant to their role in an organisation. The scheme is open to;

  • Community groups.
  • Registered charities.
  • Individuals.
  • Sports Clubs.
  • Youth Clubs.
  • Schools.

Up to £500 available to help fund.

In any single year an applicant can receive up to £500. Applicants who have received grants in three consecutive financial years (January to December) are ineligible to apply for a fourth consecutive year of funding.

However; all applicants’ progress is monitored on a regular basis and the committee may decide to offer a further discretionary grant


What we can fund

We encourage applications from a wide range of disciplines and proposals that can make a real difference to those involved. To achieve this, we will adopt an open minded approach to funding. As such, grants can be used for:

  • The purchase of equipment to support the development of a talent or skill.
  • Travel and/or accommodation to an event or activity.
  • Specific training programme, coaching programme, or educational session to develop the specific skills or talents of an individual or a group/team.
  • An extension to an existing programme for gifted and talented residents.
  • Schools working in partnership to deliver a programme to meet a specific gift or talent.
  • To develop skills, knowledge and understanding in a specific area to build the capacity of a group e.g. volunteering or marketing

Assessment Criteria

Here is what the Grants Committee will think about when considering your application:

  • Potential achievement – in particular whether the grant will support a move forward in skill, knowledge and achievement.
  • How the development is managed and the capacity of the applicant to meet the needs identified in the application.
  • Value for money and efficient use of our resources.
  • Level of benefit to the community, beyond the individual or group receiving the grant.
  • Extent to which the outcome will encourage civic pride and promote Letchworth Garden City.
  • All successful applicants will be expected to share with us how the grant has helped them.
  • We would also like to know how you promoted the award and what publicity you attained.