What’s it all about?

The scheme is open to all groups who are offering activities or services for our residents who are either retired, disadvantaged, vulnerable, elderly or have a disability. The grant of up to £500 is open to:

  • Community groups.
  • Registered charities.
  • Elderly persons groups.
  • Residents or Tenants Associations.
  • Groups working with people with disabilities.

This grant could help fund:

  • A celebratory event or social event such as a day trip.  (A limit of up to £7.50 per person will be applied to celebratory meals.)
  • The purchasing of equipment to help club group members.
  • To support a fund raising event or host a talk.
  • Training of staff and/or volunteers to help with activities or the running of the club.
  • Resources, guest speakers or tutor costs as part of the recreational day-to-day activities of the group.
  • The underwriting of an event in support of the group.

Assessment Criteria

Our Grant Committee will consider the following when awarding these grants:

  • The level of need for the activity or equipment to be funded.
  • How well the grant will meet this need.
  • Whether the costs are appropriate and realistic.
  • The value for money in terms of enduring social impact.
  • The contribution made by members of the group or external funders to support the outcomes of the application.
    • All successful applicants will be expected to share with us how the grant has helped them using the monitoring form we send.
    • We would also like to know how you promoted the event and what publicity you attained.