What’s it all about?

Up to £50,000 is available and this scheme is open to any not for profit local, regional or national charitable organisation whose activities will support and enhance the quality of life of our residents. Groups can only receive one successful grant in each calendar year and the scheme is open to the following groups:

• Community groups.
• Registered charities.
• Voluntary Organisations.
• Resident or Tenants Associations.
• Businesses linked into any of these.

Due to the high demand for funding, applicants who have received grants in three consecutive financial years (January to December) are ineligible to apply for a fourth consecutive year of funding. However; all applicants’ progress is monitored on a regular basis and the committee may decide to offer a further discretionary grant.

What we can fund

We encourage a wide range of projects that are creative, dynamic, making a real difference to those involved and having true impact. Grants could be used to fund:

  • Capital costs such as repairs to buildings or purchase of equipment.
  • Core operating costs e.g. salaries.
  • Training of staff and/or volunteers to lead activities meeting an identified need.
  • An activity or programme that meets a need identified by the community or the group.
  • An activity or event that develops awareness of the organisation.
  • An activity or event involving one or more organisations for the benefit of the organisations and the community.
  • Capital costs associated with the refurbishment of religious or public buildings or public space providing there is significant evidence this is of benefit to Letchworth Garden City’s wider community.
  • Social Enterprises where the application applies to a specific project tackling an identified need.
  • An application spanning more than one financial year but no more than three.
  • Public bodies or agencies providing it is match funding and this body or agency is best placed to tackle the identified need.
  • Schools working in partnership to deliver a programme to meet a specific need.
  • The underwriting of an event a group wishes to run for the benefit of the community.
  • Activities that take place outside Letchworth Garden City providing it involves Letchworth residents and meets an identified need.

Assessment Criteria

Our Grant Committee will consider the following when awarding these grants:

  • The level of need for the activity or equipment to be funded (including consideration of location and existing facilities).
  • How well the grant will meet the needs identified by the group.
  • Whether the costs are appropriate and realistic.
  • The value for money in terms of enduring social impact.
  • In the context of the group and the application the contribution made by the group and/or external funders to support the outcomes of the application.
  • The extent to which the group or event reaches its target audience and a wider section of local residents or targets those in greatest need.
  • The level of partnership working (if appropriate).
  • The outcomes of previous Applications. 
  • The potential of the grant to innovate, inspire and raise the ambition of the group.
    • All successful applicants will be expected to share with us how the grant has helped them using the monitoring form we send.
    • We would also like to know how you promoted the event and what publicity you attained.