Thank you to all of our Trustees

Trustees’ Week takes place from 7-11 November and is an opportunity for charities to thank those who volunteer their time to make a difference. Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation has a fantastic group of trustees and governors that are dedicated to the town and to helping make it a great place to live and thrive. 

Kevin Jones, a Nominated Governor, and a Trustee at the Foundation explains the function of this role: “Trustees are responsible for all the decision-making in their charities and carry a legal responsibility for the charity's affairs. We are not there to run the organisation, but we must be sure that we are comfortable with the way that it is being run.” 

Lucy Gravatt, a General Governor, and a Trustee at the Foundation adds “Trustees are custodians. This carries fiduciary responsibilities. They make the key decisions, help set the overall strategy and act in the organisation’s best interests”

Being a trustee has a demand on time and those who put themselves forward to assist a charity do so to make a difference in a community. Lucy Gravatt, explains why she became a trustee: 

“I became a trustee to contribute my skills and expertise to a cause outside of my own sphere of work and fundamentally to help others. LGCHF is a unique organisation – one that is dedicated to making a positive impact on individuals’ lives, raising living standards and preserving Letchworth’s heritage. I would like to look back and say I played my small part in making Letchworth Garden City a better place to be.” 

"It is a privilege to work with many people, inside and outside the Foundation, who make an immense contribution to the local community."  

Kevin Jones 

Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation thanks all its Trustees and acknowledges the contributions they all make. We currently have 13 Trustees that help make decisions and add their perspectives and skills to our workforce. You can find out more about our Trustees and governors, and more about how the Heritage Foundation is governed, at

Kevin Jones (right)