Elizabeth Fitzgerald

General Governor

Liz is a Chartered Town Planner working in Hertfordshire, whilst now in the private sector, she spent a large proportion of her career working in Local Government. 

Liz was brought up in the North West but moved to Hertfordshire in 2004, her background in Town Planning means she is highly familiar with nuances of a Garden City and the aims and aspirations of the Heritage Foundation.

Liz says “There is a need for the Foundation to remain modern and carry through the original aims of delivering housing that meets current demands.

There was never an intention for the Garden City to stagnate, but achieving a balance between preservation and evolution is essential to retain the unique character of Letchworth.

One key aim to retaining character is to bring a greater awareness of the Foundation to local residents, engaging people in the legacy enables them to take greater pride in their environment and seek to evolve places and spaces in a manner reflective of its history.

Letchworth, whether you are in favour or not, is going to see significant growth over the next 5-10 years.  it is essential that this is undertaken in a manner that is reflective of Letchworth’s heritage, whilst being ensuring it is designed to reflect the modern family, which in itself is reflective of Howard and Parker’s theories and designs of the 1920’s.

Letchworth is a Garden City to be proud of, it offers spaces and places for all, it is essential that these are retained and any new development seeks to enhance what we already benefit from.

I look forward to engaging with the local community and working together to maintain and enhance our environment.”

  • General Governor