Helen Oliver

Nominated Governor

I’ve lived in Letchworth Garden City, with my family, for nearly five years, I appreciate the role which the Foundation plays in the conservation of our Garden City, protecting the appearance including cultivating public spaces, protecting a range of local architecture and acting as a landlord to a variety of properties.

As the world’s first Garden City, Letchworth was created as a solution to the squalor and poverty of urban life in Britain in the late 19th Century, I’m keen to uphold those founding principles and support the Foundation in its forward efforts to generate income through its property portfolio and re-invest these for the benefit of our whole community.

I’m committed to promoting equality for all, regardless of gender, gender identity, sexuality, ethnicity, religion or disability. I myself belong to a dual ethnicity/culture family and with my partner, have a dual heritage son. I’m mildly hearing impaired and while I don’t consider myself to be disabled, I do have a particular interest in issues around accessibility and inclusivity.

As well as having a six year old myself, I volunteer for the local Methodist Church as a Toddler Group facilitator, I’m a qualified teacher and have particular knowledge and experience around children and young people.

I’m originally from a farming background, belonging to the first generation of my family not to make their living directly from the land. I have an interest in how Garden Cities can better look to bring rural life and business into our towns and build trading links with our villages and hamlets.

As a local District Councillor, I’m able to represent the views and ideas of local people, as well as playing a role in consultation and communication between the Heritage Foundation and residents of our town. I’m Deputy Cabinet Member for Enterprise & Cooperative Development and Vice-Chair of Letchworth Area Committee, meaning I would be able to engage in wide-ranging flow of feedback in my roles at the Foundation and my roles serving local people on the District Council.

I’m also a Trustee of the Letchworth Centre for Healthy Living, through which role I have come to appreciate the contribution made by Trustees to the smooth running and good governance of charitable organisations.

  • Board of Trustees
  • Nominated Governor