Jane Fae

Current ambition: world domination. First steps: Letchworth!

But seriously…I am very much a convert to Letchworth and its founding values. I moved here in 1996, and fell in love with the ethos of the garden city. After serious illness in the noughties, I moved away to recuperate. But I returned in 2014, and have enjoyed living here ever since.

I am keen to put back into the community, which is why I am currently involved with the Heritage Foundation as a Governor and have been involved with Letchworth Arts and Leisure Group over the past few years helping to run some of its local groups. I have also worked with the Broadway Cinema and Museum to foreground its activities for residents and have, over the past few years, provided regular reviews of new film releases for the Letchworth Heritage blog.

I have been variously described as a writer, an occasional stand-up, and a professional nuisance! That is, I’m a feminist, journalist, campaigner on political and sexual liberty who also knows a bit about IT, the law and policing.  In between times (and before COVID), I could be found amusing audiences with my alternative stand-up routine: Tranz Rantz.

I’ve written extensively for national media and magazines on the operation of the law insofar as it impacts on LGBT and other minority groups. I also write about censorship both online and in more traditional media: at the same time, I am concerned with issues of Violence Against Women and in developing policies for social media that balance protection for the individual with freedom of speech.

More recently, I have been campaigning for policies that take account of the differing needs of older people within the community. Well: we all get older…and that includes me!

Despite that I am keen to get back to more creative pursuits, working on radio and stage treatments of stories from Letchworth.

And if you enjoy fantasy fiction, check out some of the stories from the Cassonne.

Fingers crossed that my first novel based in that world will be out next year!

  • Elected Governor
Jane Fae