John Barry

Elected Governor

I will uphold Garden City principles. In particular, ensure continued access to existing open spaces.

We residents are privileged to live in the first city in the world built to fulfil the ideals of combining the pleasures of country living with modern urban facilities.

As I see it, this ideal is being eroded, partly by social and technological change, but partly because its townsfolk, that’s us, are failing to take resolute action to protect our heritage.

The responsibility for awakening true pride in what Letchworth offers to the world, and inspiring determination to act in its defence, surely rests with the Governors. My conviction is that this is their paramount duty. This is why I wish to be a Governor.

In 1988 I retired to Letchworth from employment in the Far East. Since then I have been active in the town’s life. From 2002 to 2006 I was a District Councillor, representing the people of Letchworth’s South East Ward. In 2007 I founded the Letchworth Fairtrade Group, being Chairman for some four years.

We are all aware how dangerous is the slip road into Letchworth from the A1(M). Were I elected a Governor, I would campaign for a safe layout.

The national housing crisis is a disgrace. All parties agree that a national effort to build millions of new dwellings is essential. However, the Government has made crystal clear that there is no requirement to build on the green belt. Enough other land remains available. The completely unnecessary proposal to build 1,000 houses on green belt fields north of the Grange must be opposed. The influx of thousands of new residents, and resulting traffic, would be totally disruptive.

As a Governor I will do my utmost to stop this happening.

  • Elected Governor