Priscilla Huby

General Governor

I moved back to Letchworth about three years ago, after having lived here in the mid-90s. We moved here to benefit the whole family, as we liked the calm and traditional atmosphere of the town. The unique nature of the town which has been created and maintained by the Heritage Foundation was an important part of our choice of town for relocation.

We chose to live in the centre of town and I have become involved in many aspects of Letchworth life including painting, jewellery making and clay courses, and use many of the sporting facilities in Letchworth. We can see the day to day running of the town and I have spoken with many shop owners and local people about the economy and cultural aspects of Letchworth. What became clear was that many of them were very concerned about the current situation and were keen for any way that improvements could be made to the town.

Having spoken with many people who are interested in helping with the future development of the town, it became clear one of the best ways I could become involved was by trying to become a Governor of the Heritage Foundation. I have a variety of skills that may be beneficial and am particularly interested in the arts and cultural aspects, have attended many courses and events, and would love to help promote the town as a cultural hub and encourage many more people to visit and hence help to improve the economy.

While working in change management in the City I have been responsible for designing, running and promoting many successful projects and I work both at the strategic level and in a hands-on way at the ground level. My background in Mathematics and Statistics means that I have good problem-solving skills and am very interested in getting the detail right in any project. I also have excellent IT skills that may be useful and have been trained in creative ITdesign. My main asset is that I am really passionate about Letchworth and believe it has the potential to be an amazing place to live, work and in particular visit and that we can make Letchworth a success in the 21st Century without losing its unique traditional and spacious appeal.

  • General Governor