Richard Harbon

Nominated Governor

I have lived in Letchworth for over 20 years and have close links with a wide variety of Letchworth based organisations and sports clubs.

Up until July last year I was a Hertfordshire Police Officer with specialist skills in community policing, event planning and leadership. Together with my role as President of a running club, based in Letchworth, I have ensured that the club plays a central role in the community.

I have used my skills to organise several events aimed at improving health and wellbeing and energising the community. These include the Standalone 10K, which attracts 1,650 runners and 300 children in the fun run and the First Saturday 5K, which is aimed at beginners to running and hard to reach groups. This event has introduced hundreds of people to physical activity.

The Run Round the Garden event, based in the town centre, has similar aims but also helps to bring footfall into the town centre. Similarly, the Greenway Challenge not only supports local amenities and promote fitness, but also raises significant funds for a Letchworth based charity.

These events and activities work towards two aims of the Heritage Foundation’s strategic plan of ensuring the town is vibrant and also supports the social fabric of the town.

In order to put on these events I have demonstrated skills in bringing partners together. To successfully obtain support and finance I have had to demonstrate excellent communication skills. Most of all I have had to have the drive and vision to develop ideas and ensure they succeed.

I now work as a fundraiser for the Garden House Hospice in Letchworth using these skills to encourage the community to raise funds for a very important service for the community.

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