Trevor Saunders

General Governor

I like to think that I have a quite a unique understanding of Letchworth and offer skills and knowledge as a Governor of the Foundation on a number of fronts:

  • I was ‘born and bred’ in the town and have personal knowledge of the town and how life has changed over the past five decades, between growing up here and now, when I am bringing up my own family in the town;
  • Strongly influenced by the wonderful environment of the town, I chose town planning as a career and after 30 years as a professional town planner, I appreciate both the town’s unique history but also understand how policy, economic, environmental and social change may affect its future and how the Foundation might need to plan for change;
  • I have a wide range of links and contacts across the development industry, environmental sector, and within local and national government, which may be of use in delivering the aspirations of the Foundation;
  • I have significant managerial experience, skills and understanding of how to manage change ‘for the better; in a positive way;
  • I have significant experience and a strong understanding of how to work with partners effectively, how to help achieve consensus and progress, which I would hope will encourage people to support and ‘rally round’ the Foundation’s aspirations;
  • The town provided me with the freedom to have a fabulous childhood and I want to ensure that current and future generations of children like my own can continue to have the same;
  • I have a strong commitment to young people and want to see them have the opportunity to flourish and contribute positively to the future economic prosperity of Letchworth by going into business here;
  • I have a lifetime interest in sport and leisure and have been involved with several local sports clubs over a period of time, helping them improve their facilities and develop to be as strong as they can be;
  • My long-term commitment to the town and bringing my family up here, which means I believe I have a strong ‘vested interest’ in helping to ensure the town remains the great place to live in future.
  • General Governor