Workplace Wellbeing

Health & Wellbeing Week

Active Letchworth held a Health & Wellbeing Week in the Workplace from 8 to 12 April 2019 and a Health & Wellbeing Day event was organised by Letchworth BID on 13 April 2019, for everyone whether living, working or learning in Letchworth. As we spend most of our lives at work or in education, Workplace Wellbeing is essential for all of us to keep healthy, avoid sickness, manage stress, improve performance and enjoy what we do. Keeping healthy at work has a huge impact on our wellbeing outside of work to really get the most out of life! 

It has also been shown that sitting for too long at work is bad for your health with an estimated cost to the NHS of £700 million annually. 

Taking care of your health and wellbeing is not just about physical activity, but looking after your body and mind, eating well, getting outside in green spaces and feeling part of your community.

Get involved!

Why not implement a Workplace Wellbeing programme in your organisation?

We want to find out what you do at work or school to keep healthy and active during the day. You may already have some activities going on or you could organise something simple like a lunchtime walk or join one of our sessions. 

We've put together a timetable to get you started and to help you plan your activities throughout the week and share with your work colleagues or your class at school. 

Email if you want more information or to talk about your organisation's activities. 

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