Making Letchworth a great place to live

People were originally attracted to live in Letchworth because of its new and unique mix of benefits of town and country living. We want to help people to continue to feel these benefits by helping them care for their homes and the natural environment. 

1. Keeping up with keeping up

We are proud to be responsible for looking after our built and natural environment with appropriate care and attention. We are also keen to inspire everyone who live here to share our enthusiasm for caring for our heritage homes and well deigned town.

By 2021 we will have:

  • Completed a review of our current approach to supporting homeowners with their preservation of garden city cottage and houses, and implanted the findings
  • Increased the number of people using the Greenway
  • Increased the number of people volunteering to care for our natural environment

2. Reimagining the 21st Century Garden City

Our first plans for the first extension to Letchworth in a generation are now underway. This new development is on a 100-acre site just north of the Grange Recreation Ground and will include 900 new homes, 40% of which will be affordable housing and 60% of which will be private homes. There will also be the opportunity for self-build and community owned housing.  This extension to our town will be built according to garden city principles and with strong community involvement, fulfilling the opportunities of the District Council’s Local Plan.

Nationally in recent years the private rented sector has grown significantly. However this is not the case in Letchworth and so there are less opportunities, particularly for young adults to set up home here. Over the next three years we will create a new generation of private rented accommodation by refurbishing some of our existing buildings and supporting proposals for new flats in the town centre.

In the next three years we aim to:

  • Increase the amount of private rented accommodation in Letchworth
  • Encourage housing partners to develop plans to increase the range of options for people in Letchworth who are not eligible for social housing.