Impact of our work

Every year we publish our Annual Report where we update the community on progress with our Strategic Plan as well as our financial performance.

The Annual Report shines a light on the incredible achievements of local residents, businesses, community groups and Heritage Foundation staff in a year of unprecedented upheaval which triggered its greatest financial crisis.

Our Strategic Plan objectives give greater focus for our work over the next three years and beyond.:

  1. Improving life chances for people in Letchworth

  2. Ensure Letchworth continues to be a great place to live

  3. Initiate a financial recovery roadmap

  4. Increase investment in Letchworth

Improving life chances for people in Letchworth

  • Continue to address poverty and inclusion through our Families and Young People's Project

  • Adapt our grants programme to support emerging areas of need, including financial and digital inclusion, and continue to provide grant funding to organisations impacted by COVID-19

  • Pilot a neighbourhood social action project

  • Commission projects and activities to help reduce poverty and hardship

  • Support young unemployed people by taking part in the government’s Kickstart scheme

Kids Art Gallery

2021 Case Studies

Ensure Letchworth continues to be a great place to live

  • Launch a Great Outdoors campaign to encourage people to use the Greenway and other green open spaces in Letchworth

  • Create a cultural learning programme for schools, using the story of the Garden City to engage children in the story of their hometown and build civic pride

  • Showcase local talent through the Letchworth Culture Project

  • Improve our online Heritage Advice Service to make it easier for homeowners to apply to make improvements to their properties

Standalone Farm Greenway

Initiate a financial recovery roadmap

  • Support town centre recovery by working with the BID to encourage more people to shop local

  • Explore opportunities to adapt the spaces we own to create co-working spaces for start-ups, freelancers and the creative community

  • Collaborate with the School for Social Entrepreneurs to support local entrepreneurs to scale up their businesses and explore opportunities to encourage enterprise development

  • Work with partners to scope a town-wide loyalty scheme to encourage people from Letchworth and the surrounding area to shop, eat out and come to our cinema, gallery and museum

  • Build capacity and income through external funding and work with partners to identify collaborative opportunities to attract funding into Letchworth

  • Make our venues more commercially successful

Letchworth Festival

Increase investment in Letchworth

  • Launch our new fundraising strategy to support the future of our arts, culture and heritage venues and community programmes

  • Take a leadership role to advocate for investment in Letchworth to address the needs in our town Research and map Letchworth’s economic future, including local areas of bioscience and digital

  • Work with our partners to explore whether Letchworth can become a ‘smart town’

  • Respond to the outcome of the Local Plan

Town Centre