Our Vision

In December 2018 we published our strategic plan: Making Letchworth a great place for everyone.   This plan was to take us to the end of 2021 focusing on three key objectives:

  •   Improve life chances for people in Letchworth
  •   Ensure Letchworth continues to be a great place to live
  •   Ensure Letchworth continues to be a great place to work and do business

Then in March 2020, life as we knew it changed overnight due to COVID-19.  Around the world, individuals and businesses were plunged into hardship and uncertainty.  The Foundation was no exception.  Within four months we had to close many of our venues and services resulting in job losses. 

We are now working together to reorganise our priorities to help protect our financial future so that we can continue to make Letchworth a great place for everyone.  Our revised strategy will be published over the coming weeks focusing on the needs of our town, how we can support Letchworth’s economic future, and how we can build on the incredible partnerships that emerged during the pandemic.  The new strategy will be published on this page.