About Us

We work to maintain and enhance the world’s first Garden City, managing our local property portfolio to generate income, which we then invest back into the community and landscape of Letchworth Garden City.

We’ve revised our Strategic Plan to ensure it’s in step with the needs of Letchworth today.

The past 14 months have been a time of significant challenge and change for the Foundation. We have had to adapt quickly to meet the needs of our town and our organisation during the pandemic.

In the community we saw the hardship and isolation that people faced as a result of the national lockdowns. However, alongside these difficulties we saw the emergence of innovation, social action, unity and collaboration across Letchworth Garden City on a larger scale and at a faster pace than ever before.

The Wynd, Letchworth

Grants & Funding

Our 2021 programme, Communities Looking Forward Grant, offers funding to registered charities and groups in Letchworth.

Our grants programme has £120k available for community groups and charities in Letchworth. Each grant has a limit of £10,000 per grant. 

Through grants we fund charitable organisations that bring together mainly older, vulnerable or disadvantaged groups to make a positive contribution to their lives and the social fabric of the town.

If you have any questions about our Grant Applications, contact us on 01462 530366 or grants@letchworth.com.

Greenway - Summer

Heritage Advice Service

We operate the ‘Scheme of Management’ as Freeholders of the Garden City Estate, and are committed to working with residents to preserve the unique appearance and character of Letchworth Garden City.

If you live in Letchworth Garden City and wish to make changes to your home, you may require our consent when making external changes to your home. Any proposed changes to your home needs to meet certain criteria as to how they look and are designed. 

Find out more about what you need to do before applying to change your home, including printing off your own checklist.

If you want to talk to a member of our Heritage Advice Service about this process, call them on 01462 530335. 

Sunrise over Broadway

Sustainability Policy

We are proud of our role for Letchworth Garden City, taking care of a wide range of buildings, spaces, and activities. We believe that by working together to achieve the commitments in this policy, we will inspire and benefit future generations.

This policy aims to work in harmony with existing strategic objectives, charitable objects, the garden city principles, and Letchworth’s sense of place.

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