We are currently recruiting for volunteer Governors. If you are interested in finding out more please visit and apply before 5pm on Wednesday 12th April 2023.

To ensure that we are providing the best service that we can offer to the community, we have 30 Governors to act and represent the views of the town.

They represent us on internal Committees and Working Groups and also on external bodies and organisations. They are among the first to be consulted on issues help to steer us before we embark upon future initiatives.

Sixteen of our 30 Governors are elected by the people of, and organisations operating in, Letchworth Garden City.


Elections were held in September 2022. The full election results can be found here. 

Six times a year, our Board of Trustees meet with our Leadership Team to discuss upcoming work streams and address community concerns. The notes from these meetings are made available for public consumption. 

Elected Governors

Six Governors are elected, direct, through a poll of registered electors in the SG6 postcode area. The elections take place every five years. The six candidates polling the highest number of votes are appointed to serve for a five year term.

Our current elected Governors are:


General Governors

The remaining Governors are General Governors who are interviewed and appointed by our Board of Trustees based on the skills they can bring to the work of the Foundation.

Our current General Governors are: