Application process

What is the cost of making an application?

For applications made before any alteration work is carried out there is no charge.

There is a charge of £216 for applications made retrospectively for up to 3 alterations.

How will my application be dealt with?

Once your application has been received with all of the relevant particulars, it will be assigned to a Case Officer, who will be your contact throughout the process. For most applications we will ask your neighbours thoughts on your proposal.

Your Case Officer will review your application with reference to the Design Principles, which sets out our usual requirements.

Most applications are dealt with by your Case Officer in 6 weeks, unless we need to ask for changes or it is referred to our Householders Applications Committee or, in some cases our Board of Trustees for a decision. This is normally when the application does not meet our Design Principles or your neighbours have expressed concern. Both of these bodies meet every 4 weeks and we will keep you informed of progress.

What happens if my application is refused?

Over 90% of applications are approved, but if your application is refused, we encourage you to discuss alternatives with your Case Officer.  Alternatively, you can choose to seek for your application to be reviewed by the Advisory Management Committee, who will report their findings to our Trustees to review this initial decision. Should you wish to proceed with this, please can you ensure that we receive your written confirmation within 6 months of the date of this refusal. You may also wish to provide a written statement in support of your application.

What is the role of the Advisory Management Committee?

The Advisory Management Committee (AMC), which meets bi-monthly, is formed of two qualified architects from outside Letchworth and two local community members. They will meet you at your property to discuss your application. A member of the Committee will then attend the next Trustees’ meeting to discuss the application.  The Trustees will then review the decision to refuse permission and we will confirm their decision shortly after the meeting.

What can I do if I'm still unhappy with the decision?

Independent inspector appeals

If the Trustees confirm the decision to refuse consent, the homeowner can request for this matter to be the subject of an appeal to an Independent Inspector.

The Independent Inspector is an Architect nominated by RIBA. An appeal can be lodged within 12 weeks of the date of the final decision letter. The application will have been through the AMC and HAC (Householders Application Committee) process before it can be registered. This is the only part of the application process where there is a fee. The Inspector will consider written statements by you or your representative and the Heritage Foundation and visit your home, before making a binding decision.

The standard fee will be £550, including expenses which is shared 50:50 between the applicant and the Heritage Foundation. The final decision will be binding on the Heritage Foundation.

Details of the process, procedures and cost of the appeal process can be downloaded here

Keep in touch

In cases where an application has been refused, we encourage you to discuss possible changes with your Case Officer, to see if any issues can be resolved.

Where can I find out more?

Please contact the Heritage Advice Service by calling 01462 530335, email or by making an appointment to see us at One Garden City, Broadway, SG6 3BF.