Before applying

Preparing your application to alter your home

The Design Principles provide guidance on design requirements for the two character areas under which property falls. Before making an application it's worth checking which one of the Character Area classifications your home falls under. 

Once you know which Character Area your home falls under, familiarise yourself with the relevant Design Principles. 

Alterations include:

Balconies, conservatories, extensions, flues/chimneys, frontage hardstandings, garages, loft conversions, outbuildings, porches, roof alterations, satellite dishes over 60cm in diameter and solor/PV panels, door replacements, frontage alterations (including hedges, fencing, gates), replacement windows, re-roofing and satellite dishes under 60cm in diameter.

Once you're ready, click here to download the application form.

Home of Special Interest

A list of Homes of Special Interest has been created and covers some of the earliest homes within Letchworth.

These homes are considered to be of significant historic and architectural merit and as such the Design Principles may be applied differently to ensure changes preserve their special character. 

In every case, we always recommend that you contact the team when considering changes to your home. We can offer free advice from the very start, helping you to achieve the changes you desire, whilst maintaining the special character of the world’s first Garden City.

You can view a list of the Homes of Special Interest on page 38 of the Heritage Character Area Design Principles. 

Do you have any questions?

If you'd like to speak to a member of our Heritage Advisory Service team about your application, call them on 01462 530335 or email them using the button below.