Forms and guides

All the guides and forms you need for your Letchworth Garden City property - including design principles and how to apply to make external changes.

Find out more here for the process and why you need to talk to us. You can also see our FAQs. Please contact us if you need any help, email us or call 01462 530335.

Energy Efficiency Guide

This guide shows improvements which will help you to use less energy and make your home warmer. It covers simple measures you can take today and those that need approval, like installing solar panels.

PV (Photovoltaic) Panels Guidance

The installation of Photovoltaic (PV) panels is usually acceptable providing that they adhere to our guide 

External Alterations - Application Form

If you are looking to make changes to your home, or if you have made changes  and need to apply retrospectively, please use the form here. For the application process, please see here

Please note that consent should always be sought before any works are carried out - retrospective applications are not always granted and you may have to undo the changes you've made. 

This includes: door replacements, replacement windows, frontage alterations including hedges, fencing and gates, and re-roofing, balconies, conservatories, extensions, flues/chimneys, frontage hardstandings, garages, loft conversions, outbuildings/sheds, porches, roof alterations, satellite dishes over 60cm in diameter and solar/PV panels. 

Please note that the fee for a retrospective application is £216 (including VAT).

Why do you need our permission? Find out more here

Tree or hedge removal - Application Form

If you would like to remove a tree or hedge, or if you have already removed a tree or hedge and need to apply retrospectively, you will need to fill out the below form.

Your application will need several pieces of information which differs if you have removed your tree or hedge.

After receiving all the information needed, our Tree Specialist will make an inspection before we grant permission. This usually takes around three to four weeks.

From 1 Feb 2021, there is a fee of £216 (including VAT) for a retrospective tree or hedge application.  Please note that if the tree or hedge is deemed as being dangerous, diseased or dying, then a retrospective fee is not applicable.  A tree surgeon’s report should be submitted in this instance alongside photographic evidence of the condition of the tree.

Scheme of Management

The ‘Scheme of Management’ applies to all freehold premises within the Letchworth Garden City estate. The document gives obligations (or covenants) on freehold property owners, covering a number of areas including restrictions on the cutting down trees and hedges to running a business from home.

Design Principles - Heritage Character Area

Our Design Principles for homes in the Heritage Character Area.

Design Principles - Modern Character Area

Our Design Principles for homes in the Modern Character Area.

Design Principles for New Housing Developments

The Design Principles outlined in this publication relate to proposals for new dwellings in all Character Areas of Letchworth Garden City.

Designing an annex

Our guide explains the best way to progress your annex ideas and what we may be looking for.

Each annex proposal will be considered on its own merits and we would like you to meet with us and other organisations, who may be able to help, at an early stage to progress ideas through to the best possible outcome.

Looking after your heritage character home 

This guide gives you an idea of the general maintenance your character property may require. 

General maintenance ensures that your property retains its quality and value. Water ingress and ventilation are the biggest challenges when considering our older housing.

Simply checking roofs, chimneys, rainwater guttering and drainage regularly can avoid more significant problems later on. If caught early enough a broken downpipe could be replaced without further damage and the possibility of more costly and extensive repairs at a later date. Older traditional buildings were designed to breathe and ventilation is very important to help maintain the building fabric. 

Factsheet - Buying the freehold of your house

Find out more about the process of buying the freehold of your house with these useful facts and information.

Extending the leasehold of your flat

Find out more about the process of extending the lease on your flat with these useful facts and information.

Charges for Enquiries & Documents

Fees for Solicitor/Homeowner enquiries and for providing copies of approval documents and plans. A retrospective application fee is £216.00 (incl. VAT) for up to 3 alterations.

Residential Enquiries Form - Estate Agents & Solicitors

Selling your property in Letchworth Garden City?

Have any external changes been made to the property?

Working with your Estate Agent & Solicitor, we are here to help.

Working from home - Licence to work from home

Under the terms of your deeds, as either a freeholder or leaseholder, you may not be allowed to run a business from your home without our prior written consent.

We understand that working from home is becoming part of working life for many of us, however, in order to protect neighbours and safeguard the quality of the Garden City environment, we ask home working residents to seek permission by registering their home business activity.

If we agree that your business doesn’t adversely affect your neighbours or surroundings, we will issue you an annual licence.

As of 1st September 2017, a licence fee of £300 (plus VAT) will be payable for the first year, with a renewable 3 year licence charged at £450 (plus VAT).

Download the application form to apply for a licence to use your home for business.

Electric Charging Point Guidance

Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation is in support of electric vehicle charging facilities for homes. See our guidance on the best type of electric charging point for your home

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