Reports and publications

Impact of our work 

Our Annual Report also showcases the impact of the work we do and the difference this makes to the people of Letchworth Garden City.  And we give an overview of our priorities in the year ahead.

Everything we do is linked to three objectives set out in our Strategic Plan:

  • Improve life chances 

  • Make Letchworth a great place to live 

  • Make Letchworth a great place to work and do business

Our Strategy - Making Letchworth a great place for everyone

Where do you live? It’s a simple question. If you answer, ‘I live in Letchworth’, what does this say about you?

The truth is this: where we live, work and go to school helps define us. If we’re lucky enough to live in a place that enhances our day-to-day life; a place that makes us feel confident about our future life – this can be a cause for celebration.

We feel that living or working in Letchworth Garden City is something to celebrate. Our new strategy stems from the truth that as a Foundation we feel privileged to be asset rich and custodians of some very special spaces and places.

Read our latest strategy, containing our vision and plans to help make Letchworth a great place for everyone who lives and works in the world's first Garden City. 

A View of Life in Letchworth Today

The tale of our Garden City is one that starts at the very beginning. A town built from scratch, designed to make people’s lives better and happier. A town for everyone, designed for industry and healthy living. For many years we have talked about Letchworth being a unique place to live, blessed with local employment and good, affordable housing.

But there is another tale to be told about Letchworth and reading our report will unfold a story based on our facts and figures and statistics. It is one that is real and current. We haven’t set out to shock, far from it, but there might be a few surprises. Or perhaps you won’t be surprised at all.

Read our report looking at life in Letchworth, including who lives here, household net incomes and how our schools are performing.

Looking after your health and wellbeing at home

This guide aims to support you through your period of isolation at home and help keep you safe and well. We understand this is a difficult time and that staying at home can be lonely and challenging.

However, we are not alone as many people are in this situation and help is available in many ways from multiple local organisations.

This booklet provides the following information to help maintain good health and wellbeing at home. It covers the following: Staying safe at home, Your health and wellbeing, Nutrition and hydration, Keeping active, Useful contact details, Avoid scams.

Complaints Procedure

Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation aims to create, maintain and develop quality services for its many tenants, customers and the local community.  

There may be occasions when, as a user of its services or as someone who has been affected by aspects of its operations or policies, you feel that the Heritage Foundation has failed to deliver a quality service or acted in an unfair manner. 

To this end we have a complaints procedure that includes the ability to refer them to the Letchworth Commissioner. The Letchworth Commissioner is appointed by the President of the Law Society under the terms of the Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation Act 1995 (Section 12 Schedule 2). 

Their details are: 

Mr Paul Barnes
Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation Commissioner
Bishop & Sewell LLP
59-60 Russell Square

Full details of our complaints procedure and how to make a complaint can be downloaded here