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Our Strategy - Making Letchworth a great place for everyone

Download and read our new strategy, containing our vision and plans to help make Letchworth a great place for everyone who lives and works in the world's first Garden City. 

A View of Life in Letchworth Today

Read our recent report looking at life in Letchworth, exploring all aspects of what it is like to live in the town.


Here are the latest versions of our half-yearly newsletter to download.

June - December 2018

Inside this edition you can find out more about our latest news, work and future events, including:

  • Our cycling strategy and recommendations
  • Details about the Herts Jazz Festival
  • Profiles of our new Governors

Out and About Guide

Here is the latest version of our Out and About Guide. 

Featuring hundreds of things to try and do; from over 100 local clubs and groups; across seven days of the week.

Published January 2019, with content collected in October 2018.

Community Booklet

Created by local charities and not-for-profit organisations, this booklet provides information to help meet specific needs within Letchworth.

Complaints Procedure

Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation aims to create, maintain and develop quality services for its many tenants, customers and the local community.  

There may be occasions when, as a user of its services or as someone who has been affected by aspects of its operations or policies, you feel that the Heritage Foundation has failed to deliver a quality service or acted in an unfair manner. 

To this end we have a complaints procedure that includes the ability to refer them to the Letchworth Commissioner. The Letchworth Commissioner is appointed by the President of the Law Society under the terms of the Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation Act 1995 (Section 12 Schedule 2). 

Their details are: 

Mr Paul Davies,
Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation Commissioner,
28 High Street,

Full details of our complaints procedure and how to make a complaint can be downloaded here