Annual Accounts 2022

Our Annual Report 2022 is now online here including detailed financial reports.  We know that detailed spreadsheets aren't everybody's cup of tea, and so we've summarised our financial achievements and highlights in this animation...

Watch our video to find out more. 

Year One of the Financial Health Project

In 2021, we granted Citizens Advice North Hertfordshire £100k for a three year project to boost financial wellbeing in Letchworth.

Find out about how Year One is going

Watch our video to find out more. 

Grants Programme 2021

We're proud to see how far our £111K funding has gone to benefit our community!

Our grants programme also supports the strategic objective of making Letchworth a great place to live.

Watch our video to find out more. 

Impact of our work 

Our Annual Report also showcases the impact of the work we do and the difference this makes to the people of Letchworth Garden City.  We also give an overview of our priorities in the year ahead.

Everything we do is linked to three objectives set out in our Strategic Plan:

  • Improve life chances 

  • Make Letchworth a great place to live 

  • Make Letchworth a great place to work and do business

A brief history of Letchworth Garden City

Discover how Letchworth Garden City, the world's first Garden City, came to be founded, the principles behind its unique planning and development, and the influence it has had in shaping the Garden City movement globally.

Letchworth - a 21st century Garden City

Letchworth Garden City, the world's first Garden City, was founded in 1903. It's a place with a unique culture and heritage, both of which still exist today in the spirit of its citizens and positivity of its businesses. The Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation is committed to making sure that these values can grow and develop over the next 100 years.

Grants and good causes

Money raised at our venues get reinvested in to the community via our grant schemes. This video highlights some of the great causes and organisations that are supported by these grants. 

Discover the International Garden Cities Institute

Founded to look at the role of the Garden City Movement across the world, the International Garden Cities Institute is already making its mark. This video explains more about the work underway and what's still to come.

Letchworth from the air

A birds-eye look at the world's first Garden City

Our investment model

At the heart of the garden city concept is a social model of capturing value created within the town, which is then reinvested back into the town for the benefit of the local community.

Our investment model

Norton Pond renovations

A first look at Norton Pond following the first phase of renovation work carried out in December 2016.

Show gardens at Standalone Farm

Find out about our new garden, built in partnership with the Royal Horticultural Society, which features plants and trees from garden cities inspired by Letchworth around the world. It has been developed with local volunteers who helped plant and maintain the beautiful garden.

Find your Garden City story

Follow Frank as he discovers his own Garden City story with the help of the Garden City Collection. This animation was part of the Collection's "Every Object Tells A Story" exhibition at the Letchworth Community Museum.

Outdoor Cinema 2017

We had a great time at Outdoor Cinema 2017 up on the Broadway Gardens in Letchworth. Thanks to all who came and we look forward to more scenes like this next year.

Views of a Garden City from above

Drone footage taken over Letchworth Garden City in 2017. Showing the areas around Standalone, the Spirella Building and other locations around the town. 

Planting a wave of poppies

To mark 100 years since the end of the First World War, we teamed up with scouts, guides and cadets from around Letchworth to take part in poppy planting on the Garden City Greenway. The planting was led by our partners at ARCH and took place as part of a national Ribbon of Poppies event marking the anniversary.

Barry Parker walking tour

With the Barry Parker exhibition opening at the Broadway Studio & Gallery and the International Garden Cities Exhibition, we thought we'd get out there and show off some of Barry Parker's finest examples of architecture in Letchworth. This video takes in some of the sights of the Barry Parker walking tour, the route for which you can pick up and follow from the Gallery, Exhibition or Tourist Information Centre.