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When you hear the impressive client list of Letchworth-based Ogle Models, it’s fascinating to think that such technical global advancements in 3D printing and model making are happening right here under our noses. From the original Star Wars figurines and Pope Mobile, to concept cars for Honda, BT handsets and The Mars Rover, there is plenty to wow you about this firm.

We sat down with Marketing and Sales Director Dave Bennion to talk a little more.

Easy one first up, what is it that Ogle Models do?

We work with innovative businesses and designers to turn an idea into a reality. We do this by using a variety of technology and skills. A great example of this is a project we completed for the fashion industry when renowned designer Julian Hakes approached us with a design for a ‘Honey Wedge’ shoe. We used Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), a form of 3D printing, which gave a nylon-based print strong enough for walking in and then the team at Julian Hakes bonded the leather upper. The shoes were then presented to Olympic gold medal winner Amy Williams on Channel 5’s The Gadget Show. Click here to find out more

How long have you been based in Letchworth?

The business has been here since the early 1960’s. Our premises have enabled us to fulfil increasing customer demand by expanding as and when required. Also, it’s been so effective for our teams to visit clients and visa-versa by being so close to London and Cambridge, but also within a quick distance to major road networks for the rest of the UK.

That’s a long time, you must have seen massive changes to the technology used in that time, like 3D printing for example?

Absolutely. As one of the first companies in the UK to invest in industrial 3D printing, we’re used to staying ahead of the curve.  We have seen the development of in-house 3D printing for quick and not particularly accurate parts growing considerably. However, with our industrial 3D printing machines able to produce parts in advanced materials with complex geometries, we continue to stay one step ahead.

We’ve heard that a lot of your work must be kept top secret, is there anything you can tell us about what you’re working on currently? Or failing that, the coolest thing you’ve worked on that you can tell us about?

You’re right. When big global brands are developing their new product line, it’s so important to keep everything extremely confidential. So, it’s best we put it this way: we probably definitely are not working on an exciting wearable tech project and you sure as maybe won’t see some of our work at Goodwood Revival. It would be absurd to be strolling around Silverstone and see lots of our bespoke 3D printing work. We would absolutely deny or write a strongly-worded letter if someone tries to intimate that we had anything to do with parts on one of the highest grossing box office hits from the last 12 months……

What are Ogle’s plans for the future?

That’s a great question! We will continue to invest heavily in the people and machinery here at HQ, as well as support local community initiatives. The reason why we’ve stayed ahead of the competition is because of our commitment to excellence and the happiness of our team.

How brilliant is it to think about the type of parts we’ll be 3D printing in another 60 years time!

For more information about Ogle, visit or call 01462 682661. 

Dave Bennion of Ogle Models spoke to the Heritage Foundation about their work