Review process

We’re pleased to say that more than 90% of applications are approved.

If your application is refused by the Heritage Advice Service, having a conversation with your Case Officer will help you identify ways in which your application may be acceptable. You can also consider having your application reviewed.

The review process has been laid out in the diagram below. You can click on each stage to find out about the composition and role of each group in the process. 

Application Refused

When an application is refused, a request can be made to ask the AMC to review the decision

Advisory Management Committee

Formed of two qualified architects from outside Letchworth and two local community members.

The Committee shall carry out a site visit to the property.

The AMC Chair will attend the next HAC meeting to discuss the application. Trustees will then consider their final decision and confirm shortly after the meeting.

The AMC report their findings to the Trustees and Governors of the HAC who make the final decision

Householders Application Committee

Consists of four Trustees and up to two Governors.

Meet on the third Friday of the month.

Applications considered:

  • Those referred by HAS
  • Minor breaches of Design Principles but considered acceptable
  • Applications where HAS wish to approve where there is a material neighbour objection
  • Business licenses
  • Review of a previous decision following AMC comments
If application is still refused, applicants can appeal to an Independent Inspector

Independent Inspector

The Independent Inspector is an Architect nominated by RIBA.

An appeal can be lodged within 12 weeks of the date of the final decision letter.

The application will have been through the AMC and HAC process before it can be registered with the Independent Inspector.

This is the only part of the application process where there is a fee. The standard fee will be £550, including expenses which is shared 50:50 between the applicant and the Heritage Foundation. The final decision will be binding on the Heritage Foundation.

Final Decision