Gardening Masterclasses are back!

Arch Landscaping, with Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation, are pleased to announce their popular Gardening Masterclasses are back this autumn. 

Starting with an autumn pruning lesson, the Gardening Masterclasses will take place at Standalone Farm, with money from ticket sales being donated to Herts Young Homeless. Classes will run from 9am-1pm and will take place on 30 October, 13 November and 27 November, with a different theme for each session.

Steve Howells, Chair of Arch Community Group said “We are really pleased to be working with the Heritage Foundation once again and to be able to start our Gardening Masterclasses.

The classes offer a range of gardening courses designed for everyone with an interest in gardening, including beginners. These classes are a perfect opportunity to increase your knowledge and get some hands-on experience, whilst also helping to make a positive contribution to the biodiversity of the Garden City.

After working with schools and the RHS for many years now we really enjoy passing on our knowledge so that everyone can get as much enjoyment out of their garden as possible. We are looking forward to teaching more of you about the benefits of gardening and outside spaces.”

The Masterclasses started back in 2015 in conjunction with the RHS as part of the Wynd Community Garden project and interest was growing steadily until lockdown in 2020. Over the years they have had over 100 people attend the classes, each taking a little more knowledge away with them. These classes have also inspired some to take on higher qualifications in horticulture.

Three courses are available this year with a full programme planned for 2022, with 30 October being focused on Autumn Pruning, 13 November on Gardening for All and 27 November looking at helping wildlife in your garden. Places are limited to meet COVID restrictions.

To book tickets, please visit