Art of Collaboration

It’s always great to see people working together, even more so when it’s a project that really brings joy to people as well.

This is what was happening between two stalwart Letchworth organisations, Digswell Arts Trust and Jackie’s Drop-In, late last year.

Based out of the Fenners building in the town centre, members of Jackie’s Drop-In attended a series of classes in the ceramics studio. There they were engrossed in the process of making and firing clay objects. Some of the objects that were created were items that they can use themselves, like cups and mugs. However, the group also created items based on the planets. These items are to be placed in the garden at Jackie’s Drop-In.

The classes were led by one of Digswell’s alumni, Debbie, who teaches classes at the Fenners building. For those who don’t know, the Digswell Arts Trust is a charity who provide studios and support for emerging artists. As part of this process, the Heritage Foundation provide access to the Fenner’s building in Letchworth so that artists can continue to develop their skills and work.

It’s fantastic to see projects like this that highlight the togetherness that exists between local groups in the town. We hope to see many more of these sort of collaborative works in the future.

Members of Jackies Drop In, Letchworth, enjoy a clay workshop provided by Digswell Arts Trust