Success for Community Garden

Last year we were approached by a group of residents regarding the community garden in Common View. Over the years this area had been neglected and the residents wanted to turn it around. They had plans to rejuvenate the allotment which they would all use; they had the skills, knowledge and time, but were struggling to fund the project. They approached the Heritage Foundation for a grant to support a project that would see this unkempt area brought back to life. 

Alastair Stewart, Head of Charitable Services commented: “The funding request from the residents of Common View was quite unique in that it was a group of residents coming together as opposed to an established group. We were impressed with the sense of togetherness that the project had: there was a real sense of community spirit and positivity. These are exactly the types of project we’d like to see more of in the town. He added: “Quite often people have good ideas about community projects and are unsure where to go with them. I’d urge anyone to pick up the phone or send me an email as we may be able to help.” With the Foundation’s support work started on the site late last year. With plenty of hard work the 400sqm area has now been brought back to life with crops planted including potatoes, carrot, cauliflower, marrows, broad beans, cabbages and parsnips.

Resident Alan Davies commented: “We’re delighted to have received support from the Foundation in turning this area back into a useful allotment site. It’s been great to watch the area transform – although it’s not been easy!”

Community Garden in Letchworth