Collaboration at the Garden City Collection

We are delighted to share an exciting project we have been working on with a team of students, and their teacher Ms Clifton, from Fearnhill School in Letchworth.

Our aim was to collaborate with the students to produce work which we could then use to promote our historic collection of over 250,000 items, and also for the team to engage with their local history whilst developing practical skills, including planning and time management. This has concluded with some artistic and beautiful interpretations of objects held in our care to share with you.

The students, and their teacher, were invited to our museum store for a behind the scenes tour. During their time here the students viewed, and were inspired by a number of objects in the collection, before we sat down together to talk through the project.

The team then went away to focus their ideas and we met again to discuss these further, whilst providing them with additional information and images relating to the objects they were most interested in. The students worked together to formulate a plan and certain students created their artworks in their own time, demonstrating impressive time management. The results are in the gallery at the foot of this page. 

We would also like to showcase an animated figure, which was designed as nine still images by Charlotte Bunyan. These images can be brought together to create a walking motion, no easy feat!


We were very pleased with how the students took to the project work, along with their enthusiasm and engagement with their local history held here in the museum stores. We hope to continue to raise the profile of our collection as being a useful and inspiring resource for schools, and we also look forward to working with Fearnhill School in future!