Foundation puts focus on fly-tippers

The Heritage Foundation is turning to technology in an effort to crack down on the huge increase in fly-tipping around the garden city.

Working in partnership with North Herts District Council, the Foundation is installing cameras at key sites around the town to catch fly-tippers in the act.

Since the start of the year there has been 11 reported cases of rubbish being dumped around the town, ranging from domestic, building and garden refuse to hazardous chemicals, running up thousands of pounds worth of clean-up costs.

Heritage Foundation Estates Manager, Paul McKenna, said: “We are committed to stopping fly-tippers from ruining the unique character of our garden city. They are turning beauty spots enjoyed every day by many young families and older residents into rubbish tips.

“It is also costing the Foundation and Council thousands to clear up, money that should be spent improving the quality of life for residents. This is why we are working together to clamp down on the problem, using technology to target problem areas so we can catch those responsible and bring them to justice.”

In the most recent incident, chemicals were dumped in Wymondley Woods resulting in a costly clear-up operation with contaminated soil having to be dug up and removed. This year there has also been instances of fly tipping on Nortonbury Lane, Manor Wood Stables and car park, Lacre Way Industrial Estate, Such Close and Norton Road as well as The Greenway.

A spokesperson for North Hertfordshire District Council, said: “Fly-tipping is a serious offence, as well as an eyesore and we will seek to prosecute those responsible.

“Householders also need to be aware that if they give their waste to an unlicensed carrier for disposal and the waste is subsequently fly-tipped and traced back to them – they will also be open to investigation and prosecution. Please help us in the fight against fly-tipping and always check that the person you are giving your waste to is authorised to take it and dispose of it lawfully on your behalf.

“If you witness fly-tipping in progress please report it to the police on 999.  Alternatively, please report incidents to the Council using the ‘Do it Online facility’ on our website. Our website also has information about steps you should take to ensure that your waste is disposed of correctly, and about NHDC’s bulky waste collection service.”

You can check the Environment Agency’s website for a list of registered waste carriers -