Gardening Blog: Greenway repairs and Letchworth Food Festival

Steve from our Landscaping Team tells us more about the work the team has been doing across the Garden City estate over the last month.

May again proved to be a very busy month for us, with the changable weather conditions keeping us on our toes. We began work to repair some of the Greenway paths between Standalone Farm and the Grange Estate, with the work expected to take place throughout the summer fitted between our routine maintenance. 

This work will mean improved access to the Greenway during the winter months as the paths can be badly affected once the weather deteriorates.

While the recent mixed weather has delayed our work on these new paths, it was much needed for our community gardens across the town, which have now beginning to bloom and will continue to do so throughout summer.

Speaking of summer, we attended one of   Letchworth’s biggest events on the town’s summer calendar, the Food and Drink Festival. We wanted to show members of the public what can be done in a small space to provide a healthy environment for both people and wildlife.

It took our team from the Foundation and ARCH Gardening around three and a half hours to build the night before, but we managed to get it all done, complete with a small wildlife pond, which went down very well with visitors. 

The team were on hand throughout the weekend to offer advice to visitors on how they could make improvements to the gardens to help wildlife without the need to create full wildflower gardens. Everyone enjoyed looking at the garden, with a few people even saying they were off to look at their own gardens and think about positive changes they could make.

As the festival came to a close, the plants that we used to create the garden were sold to the public in aid of our Charity of the Year MIND.

I’d like to thank our volunteers who helped throughout the weekend, as well as everyone who bought plants.  I am very pleased to say that we raised £623 for the charity to go towards their work in the local area.