Have you met some of Letchworth's famous females?

Have you visited our lovely new exhibition, ‘Women in Letchworth’, at the Community Museum yet?

Well we think there are some fantastic reasons why you should;

  1. To learn more about who Elizabeth Howard was

Many of you will be familiar with Ebenezer Howard and how he established Letchworth Garden City and the Garden City movement, but do you know much about Elizabeth his wife? She was a driving force in assisting Ebenezer to fulfil the plans and we have collaborated with their granddaughter Ursula, to tell her story! Come along to learn more!

Come along and discover Elizabeth’s story

  1. To discover How women helped to shape Letchworth’s diverse history

Did you know that Letchworth has played host to artists, teachers, business owners, musicians, factory workers, cinema ushers and philanthropists? Well we have the stories of these brilliant ladies lives and achievements, all here for you to view, illustrated with lovely images from the Garden City Collection!

Philanthropist Anne Lawrence, who established The Cloisters Theosophical School in 1907


Letchworth was a hive of activity relating to the cause, with meeting, debates and demonstrations held there. We invite you to learn more about Letchworth’s Suffragettes; Jane Short (aka Rachel Pease), Millicent Price, Annie Kenney, Sarah Carwin, Florence Hull, amongst others, by visiting our display.

How far do you think you might have gone to help to get women the vote?

Millicent Price, came to Letchworth in 1905 and was involved in some militant suffragette raids in London.

  1. Hear from Letchworth Women Today

Explore a contemporary view of Letchworth Garden City and read about women who are active in the community today! Through a digital installation we have shared their thoughts and advice for future women of Letchworth. We also recommend taking a seat and reading their full profile answers. We’ve already had lots of brilliant submissions, but if you know someone who you think should be involved then please get in contact at gcc@letchworth.com

Julia Sonander is a Trustee for Transition Town Letchworth

Our ‘Women in Letchworth’ exhibition is free to visit at the Letchworth Community Museum. It is open until 22nd September, every Thursday-Saturday from 10am-4pm. More information can be found on the Community Museum Facebook page

We look forward to welcoming you to our exhibition soon!