Heritage Advice Service – Our new application system

Our Heritage Advice Service (HAS) helps Letchworth homeowners who wish to make alterations to their homes by guiding them through the processes and legalities that protect the unique character of the town. Our helpful and friendly team ensures that the Scheme of Management, leases and our Design Principles are easy to understand and are used to maintain the heritage of Letchworth.

Many of us have spent the last twelve months or so in our homes, nearing cabin fever and figuring out what we want to do to give our homes a new lease of life. Also, there are many of you expanding your homes and thinking about turning back gardens into wonderful areas to entertain, work and chill out in. We have enjoyed working through all your applications and imagining your ideas with you, and we are glad to announce that this process will become more efficient over the next year.

During 2020 our team started work on a new system to better handle and store applications in a more efficient way. This work was interrupted (as many projects were) by lockdown and remote working but we are glad to tell you that our new application system launched on the 19 March 2021. 

This new system is an upgraded program where we will hold applications in a centralised database so our team can easily access and track your requests whilst also keeping better records. Although we are excited to start using it, this has come at a time when applications are at an all-time high. For reference, in the last twelve months we received more requests than in the previous three years!

We thank you for your patience while we get used to the new program and work through the backlog of requests.

If you are thinking about changing your home this year, please visit the application portal to start the process, you can even watch our new informative video to find out how the process works. It may also be useful to read through the Scheme of Management or check the terms of your lease to find out the laws which keeps our town so unique and special. We have also updated our Design Principles to move with modern living and technology so I would recommend making sure your plans fit with the principles to avoid disappointment later down the road.