Standalone Farm: A Year in Review

To start off the 2018 season of Standalone Farm with a bang, we welcomed all our little farmers back early for an extra dose of fun in February half term for the first time ever, and what a fantastic turn out it was! Despite all of the muddy (and then snowy!) weather, Einstein’s Entertainers put on captivating shows for all.

Spring gave us more wet weather as we welcomed our new arrivals to the farm, including chicks, and calf Pickles who many of our visitors may have had the pleasure of meeting after our daily milking demonstration. As always, lamb feeding was still a popular activity, allowing little (and not so little) farmers to get close to our animals.

Boris the Bunny paid the farm a visit this Easter, hiding his colourful Easter eggs all around the farm for boys and girls to find.  We also welcomed more animals to Standalone Farm, joining our fluffy friends in the small animal barn. Joining us is two beautiful rabbits, Anne-Claire and Honey, and four cheeky guinea pigs, Alex, Rufus, Bongo, and George. Several new degus have also appeared, but you’d have trouble counting them as they are very fast!

Some unusual creatures joined us in May half term as Mark Amey brought his AmeyZoo to the farm. His daily talks showcased wonderfully weird creatures from spiders and other creepy crawlies to lizards and snakes.

Finally, the warm weather we had all been waiting for! Wonderfully sunny days helped to make the most of our fantastic array of summer events – there was something for everyone this year, from the dog and duck show, to the spectacular stunts of Andre Burton and his trial bike team.

Over the course of the season we had a wonderful time hosting children’s birthday parties and welcoming school visits to the farm, as well as our daily visitors. During the autumn, we also launched Gift Aid at the farm.

October half term had the season coming to a close, with art and craft activities on every day, and of course our pumpkin carving party the weekend before Halloween. Just like last year, the staff were absolutely ‘tickled orange’ to see so many pumpkins lining the wall of the picnic barn, and we couldn’t wait to get stuck in to the mucky insides. We also held a photo competition for the ‘most liked’ pumpkin picture and received some truly spook-tacular entries. Well done to everyone who tagged us in their photos and congratulations to the winner!  

Thank you to everyone who visited us in the 2018 season, we hope you had as much fun as we did. We can’t wait to see you all again in 2019!