Walk away the winter blues on the Greenway

As the nights draw in and the temperature drops some of us experience a lack of energy, change sleep in patterns or have a low mood in the winter. The ‘winter blues’ can affect many of us but there are ways to combat it.

The Garden City Greenway is a route of 13.6 miles (21.8km) that traces the circumference of Letchworth Garden City. With diverse landscapes and well-trodden paths, the picturesque walk is brilliant for a sojourn into nature.

Over the last 18 months, the world has changed and most of us were forced to stay indoors during the lockdown. Although, during this time we developed an appreciation for our local nature and scenery, but we may also have become tired of the same routes. As the winter sets in, we are encouraged to stay safe once again, but looking after your mental wellness as well as health is still a top priority. Winter landscapes can be stunning on the Greenway, so bring your camera and see what this route has to offer!

The Greenway is open to all from runners and hikers to casual walkers and those starting their winter health kicks. Immerse yourself in nature to escape events and the stresses in our day to day lives and focus on mindfulness while exercising in the process.

Greenway Winter